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Digital TransformationPrivate Banking

Disruptive Innovation: Banking 2030 (Davos)

Where are we headed and how will we get there? Industry leaders guide this engaging conversation in Davos that covers the potential of cryptocurrency, the critical element of consumer trust, the consequences of consumer empowerment on data privacy, digital identity and more. Speakers are Ann Cairns, Vice-Chairwoman of MasterCard; Hikmet Ersek, CEO of Western Union; and Laurent Le Moal, CEO of PayU.

Digital TransformationCustomer Experience

Transactional Sameness or Relational and Relevant?

The customers have spoken – and in their mind, banks are all the same, focused on transactions, not relationships. Then there’s fintech and new regulations that are re-shaping the market landscape. These unstoppable market forces combined with customers’ dire indictment of the industry should be a rousing wake-up call to improve the customer experience before someone else does.

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