Primary research shows: Co-Browsing delivers strong ROI

Jens Rabe Jens Rabe COO at unblu

After a year of operation, a leading European Bank reported exceptional operational impact generated through the use of unblu co-browsing.

The bank measured the operational impact of co-browsing covering roughly 30.000 customer interaction sessions. The bank runs up to 500 co-browsing sessions per day and experienced a service availability in excess of 99%. Only in the case of less than 1% of customer calls, a session could not be run due to browser compatibility issues.

Thanks to unblu co-browsing, the cost of an inbound customer call was cut by 25%. Compared to a chat interaction, the cost of a co-browsing session is less than half - due to the expediency of the joint view of the clients browser. What's more is client satisfaction: The bank´s net promoter score increased significantly as clients unanimously report an excellent service experience.


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